Quote: Landis says he waited too long to tell truth

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“I knew that having defended myself in the beginning, and having lied about never having doped, that no matter when I changed the story and no matter when I decided to tell the details of what I'd done, the argument was always going to be the same. It was going to be that I shouldn't be believed now.

“It took me longer than it probably should have.”

Pro cyclist Floyd Landis speaking at New Pathways for Pro Cycling conference held by Deakin University at Geelong, Australia, site of the 2010 World Championship for cycling.

Associated Press, Sept. 28, 2010

How long

It just raises the question — How long does Landis think he should have waited until he started telling the truth?

Landis was accused of using performance enhancing drugs soon after the close of the 2006 Tour de France, which he won. He maintained his innocence through administrative hearings and appeals, in which he was stripped of his championship and banned for two years.

He admitted to cheating earlier this year and implicated Lance Armstrong in his history of doping as a member of the US Postal Service team.


That bombshell has sparked the ongoing investigation of Armstrong and his associates by the Food and Drug Administration and US prosecutors.

Other stories about Landis appearance at Herald Sun (Tough ride for Floyd Landis) and Geelong Advertiser (Drug cheat Landis calls for trust in testing).

Picture above from a stop on his book-signing tour in Lake Forest, WA, in 2007.

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