Hincapie told feds about Armstrong doping: 60 Minutes;
Update: Armstrong attorney responds

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Cyclist George Hincapie is among three former US Postal Service team members who told federal investigators that Lance Armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs, “60 Minutes” is reporting in a story to air Sunday.

Hincapie, currently racing in the Amgen Tour of California, was a teammate of Armstrong on all seven of his Tour de France championships.

A CBSNews story on Friday said that Hincapie told investigators that he and Armstrong supplied each other with EPO and discussed using testosterone to prepare for bike races. CBSNews does not reveal the source of the information.

Olympic Gold

The Hincapie story follows the release of a “60 Minutes” interview with another teammate, Tyler Hamilton, who said he witnessed Armstrong injecting EPO. Hamilton also admitted on camera that he had used performance enhancing drugs during his career.

In a response to the interview, Hamilton returned his 2004 Olympic Gold Medal to the US Anti-Doping Agency. In spite of repeatedly denying allegations of doping, Hamilton was suspended twice from pro cycling for blood boosting and using banned substances.

Hincapie response

Hincapie wrote at his Twitter website:

“I can confirm to you I never spoke to “60 Minutes.” I have no idea where they got their information.

“As I've said in the past, I continue to be disappointed that people are talking about the past in cycling instead of the future.

“As for the substance of anything in the “60 Minutes” story, I cannot comment on anything relating to the ongoing investigation.”

Update: May 22, 2011
Response from Armstrong attorney, Mark Fabiani:

“In its unpardonable zeal to smear Lance Armstrong, CBS has also attacked
the reputation of George Hincapie.  We are confident that the
statements attributed to Hincapie are inaccurate and that the reports of
his testimony are unreliable.  George Hincapie and his counsel have
publicly said that they did not reveal any aspects of his testimony. 
The only others with access to Hincapie’s testimony — government
investigators and prosecutors — have likewise assured us that they are
not the source of the information attributed by CBS to Hincapie.  CBS’s
reporting on this subject has been replete with broken promises, false
assurances, and selective reliance on witnesses upon whom no reputable
journalist would rely.  This latest alleged revelation is no more
reliable than CBS’s earlier claims.”

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