DC cyclist catches road rage on camera

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A cyclist who videos his commutes to and from work in Washington DC filmed an appalling scene the other day — a pickup driver intentionally swerving into him.

The video shows a typically mundane ride on NE Rhode Island Avenue last week interrupted by the sudden arrival of the truck driver who shouts at the unidentified cyclist, then knocks him down.

The cyclist was taken to the hospital.

Police have identified the vehicle and are investigating who was driving so they can file hit and run charges, according to the ABC7 story.

No provocation

In the video, the cyclist stops at a traffic light, then rides through when it turns green. He does nothing to provoke what comes next.

Suddenly a Toyota Tacoma pulls up alongside.

Driver: You better move your genius asshole to the fucking right.
Cyclist: What?
Driver: You heard me.

Then the driver knocks the cyclist down and drives away.

Anti-harassment law

The Washington Area Bicycle Association posted the video at its website, and is recommending an anti-harassment law to punish drivers who attack cyclists.

“To create a civil right of action available to bicyclists suffering
intentional assault, threat, harassment, or injury due to the
bicyclist's inherent vulnerable status vis-à-vis motor vehicles on the
roadway; and to provide for civil penalties, punitive damages, and
attorney's fees to facilitate safe and effective exercise of this right
of action.

The city of Los Angeles passed an ordinance this summer that allows bicyclists who are victims of road rage to seek triple civil damages against motorists who attack them.

That's another great step to emphasize bicyclists rights to the road.

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