The most prevalent wildlife in Pacific Northwest

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I’ve seen the occasional deer on my bike rides through the forests of the Pacific Northwest, but the “wildlife” I come across most often is the slug.

They’re a common sight slithering across trails here, leaving behind a glistening track as evidence of their passing.

I’ve never consciously run over one. Yes, I brake for slugs.

It isn’t so much because I oppose killing them (they’re hell on a garden), but if your tires kick one up on your bike frame, or leg, it can be kind of unpleasant to remove it, especially if it dries on there.

I thought I’d try to identify this species of slug, but soon lost interest because they’re not so appetizing to look at and I’m snacking right now. I’m sure members of the Western Society of Malacologists know what it is. If you’re a member, please enlighten us in the comment section.

Interesting that I would come across a slug on yesterday’s ride, as that’s what I plan to be for the rest of the week and through the weekend.

The family’s heading out on vacation, and I’ve vowed to stay way from computers. That’s hard to do, considering there’s the Giro d’Italia, Tour of California, Ride of Silence and Bike to Work Day coming up.

I’m pre-filing a couple of stories, and I’ll keep the journal from my 1984 cross-country bicycle tour up and running.

Check for Ride of Silence ride locations and Bike to Work details.


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