California bicyclists await governor’s signature on 3-foot bill — again

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For the second time in as many years, a California law requiring motorists to give bicyclists 3 feet of space when passing is sitting on the governor’s desk.

Give Me 3

Gov. Jerry Brown, noting objections, rejected the bill last year. The state bicycle advocates pushed the bill through again in 2012 with some changes that they hope will meet with the governor’s approval this time around. See the changes in the 2012 bill.

If Gov. Brown signs the bill into law, California will be the 22nd state to require motorists give bicyclists and pedestrians 3 or more feet of space when they pass them on the road. Here’s a list of all 21 states that currently require a 3-foot gap.

Nebraska became the 21st state earlier this year when Gov. Dave Heineman signed the 3-foot bill, LB1030.

The California Bicycle Coalition is making a strong push to encourage Gov. Brown to sign the legislation — Senate Bill 1464. They don’t want to see a repeat of last year when Brown joined Texas Gov. Rick Perry in the small club comprising two governors who have rejected 3-foot bills.

CalBike received the endorsement of bicycle maker Gary Fisher in a fund-raising campaign. He’s agreed to ride with cyclists who donate $333 to the efforts to enact the 3-foot law. More information about the campaign is available at the California Bicycle Coalition’s “Give Me 3” website.

Also, California bicyclists can urge the governor to sign the bill by email.


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