Virginia is for bicyclists — map available

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If you ask me, all the bicycle routes, bicycle paths or bicycle lanes are useless if they’re not on a map so people can find and follow them.

Bicycling in Virginia map updated

The folks at the Virginia Department of Transportation must think the same way as they’ve released an updated version of the Commonwealth of Virginia Bicycling in Virginia map.

This map could go a long way toward drawing tourists to Virginia when they’re considering destinations for bicycling vacations.

The double-sided map is available through the mail or online as 2-page download.

Not only does the map show its 838 miles of the U.S. Bicycle Route System — USBRS 1 and 76 (the most of any state) — but also numerous rails-to-trails like the Virginia Creeper Trail in the southwest and the Virginia Capital Trail that connects Williamsburg with Richmond.

Popular off-road mountain bike routes also are shown on the map, as is the Heart of Appalachia Bike Route that combines 128 miles of paved and unpaved roads in remote western Virginia.

The first Bicycling in Virginia map came out in 2006. This new map shows terrain, surface and elevation profiles, and includes details about parking and local roadside attractions and other tourism spots.

You can read more about the Bicycling in Virginia Map and order it or download it at the link.

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