Bicycling British couple killed in Thailand

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The around-the-world bicycling travels of a British couple ended tragically in Thailand after they were struck and killed by a  pickup truck.

Peter Root and Mary Thompson

Peter Root and Mary Thompson

Peter Root and Mary Thompson, both 34, had been traveling since July 2011 when they embarked by ferry from Guernsey, an island in the English Channel, to France to begin an around the world bicycle journey.

The pair’s bicycle travels were chronicled at their blog “Two of Four Wheels.” They also kept up with followers on a Twitter feed and Facebook account.

Their journeys took them on adventures across 23 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. They had most recently traveled through Cambodia and had entered Thailand.

Police in that country said on Monday the two had been struck and killed by a pickup truck on Wednesday in a province near Bangkok. Police found their bodies, along with their bicycles and belongings, along the side of the road. A pickup truck was wrecked into some trees nearby.

The 25-year-old injured driver said he had bent over to retrieve a cap from the vehicle’s floor when he hit the two. He faces a maximum 10 years in jail.

Peter and Mary met about 14 years ago in art college, and spent the last six years before their departure planning and saving for the trip.

Jerry Root, Peter’s father, is quoted in an interview with the Associated Press:

“They were both inspirational. They didn’t just talk about it, they did it. I couldn’t be prouder of them….  They were camping wild, as they called it. What helps me is to think of how happy they were with each other. They were leading the life they wanted to. It was the happiest, the most fruitful of lives.”

My condolences go out to their friends and families. Although their deaths are tragic, it’s no reason not to follow your dreams.

Here’s a video posted at of Peter and Mary living life to the fullest.

Cycling Central Asia from on Vimeo.

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