Motorist to cyclist in windshield: “What are you doing in my car?”

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A Wisconsin motorist was surprised to notice a man’s body poking through his car’s windshield when he pulled up to his house Saturday night.

“He looked at me and said, ‘Who are you? What are you doing in the car?” said Steven Gove, the bicyclist who crashed through the windshield.

Gove told a reporter for HTR Media that he was returning home from distributing newspapers on his three-wheel delivery bike when he was struck by the car in the intersection in Manitowoc. The collision knocked him off the trike and through the windshield of the car.

“Everything was in the car except for my knees and feet. I turned to him and said, ‘Hello, I’m the guy you hit on the bicycle.’”

Gove said the driver didn’t acknowledge him until he’d run into a vehicle and then pulled up in front of his home.

The 56-year-old delivery man said he suffered a couple of cuts and headaches after the collision, but he’s just happy to be alive.

“God is good. He had his hands on me that day.”

After the driver left the car, Gove slid through the windshield and let himself out of the passenger’s side door. A witness had called police and Gove was taken to a hospital for observation.

The driver is facing preliminary charges of suspicion of drunken driving, suspicion of hit-and-run causing injury, and suspicion of failing to render aid.

Here’s a video from HTR Media on this story that could have had a much more tragic ending:

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