More than 800 miles added to U.S. Bicycle Route System

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A network of signed bicycle routes designed to criss-cross the US has grown to 6,790 miles with the certification of new routes in Washington state, Massachusetts, Ohio, Illinois and the District of Columbia.

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials certified the 816 miles of roadway for the U.S. Bicycle Route System at its meeting earlier this month.

US Bicycle Route System corridors

US Bicycle Route System corridors

Adventure Cycling Association is coordinating efforts in the 40 states willing to participate in the plan to create a nationwide bicycle route system. In a joint announcement, AASHTO’s executive director Bud Wright said his organization seeks to provide “safe and reliable transportation system no matter how many wheels their vehicles use.”

Washington — USBR 10

Washington state’s certification was reported here earlier this month: “US Bike Route 10 is approved for Washington state.” It describes how the scenic corridor across the North Cascades National Park uses the Northern Tier Bicycle Route between Anacortes and Newport on the Idaho border.

At 407 miles, it was the longest among those approved in the latest certification. Adventure Cycling points out that it ends at an international ferry terminal in Anacortes.

Massachusetts — USBR 1

The approval for USBR 1 in Massachusetts includes many historical sites along the coast route. It uses   the Paul Dudley White Bicycle Path along the Charles River through Boston, Cambridge, Watertown, and Newton, along with the Northern Strand Community Trail to the north of Boston. It is 20 miles long.

Other parts of USBR 1 are already certified are in Virginia, North Carolina, Maine and New Hampshire.

Ohio — USBR 50

The 313-mile USBR 50 in Ohio stretches from the Indiana border in Preble County to Steubenville at the West Virginia line — nearly half the distance on trails.

Adventure Cycling says the route follows roads as well as 14 trail routes, including, Wolfe Creek, Mad River Bikeway, Great Miami River, Little Miami Scenic, Ohio to Erie, Prairie Grass, Roberts Pass, Camp Chase, Scioto, Olentangy, Alum Creek, Westerville Bike and Walk Route, Creekside and the T.J. Evans Panhandle Recreational Trails.

“These trails provide off-road opportunities to explore Ohio’s natural and agricultural heritage, including woods, creeks, pastures, farmlands, and wildlife, while connecting Ohio’s vibrant urban areas such as Dayton, Columbus, Newark and Steubenville.”

Parts of USBR 50 are in Maryland and Washington DC, following the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Towpath. Long range plans call for a corridor stretching all the way to San Francisco.

Washington DC — USBR 50

The 3.6 miles of USBR 50 certified for the District of Columbia connects the C&O Canal Towpath to Georgetown.

Illinois — USBR 36 and 37

The two routes combine for 76 miles along the Lake Michigan coastline and connect the Wisconsin border in the west and the Indiana border in the east. USBR 36 and 37 also pass through Chicago, Highland Park and Lake County on roads and trails.

You can learn more about the US Bicycle Route System here.

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