British filmmaker explains the revival of bicycling

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Why is the bicycle back in fashion? That’s the question that British filmmaker Michael B. Clifford tries to answer in the film, “Bicycle – A Great British Movement.”

The 90-minute documentary tells the story from the British perspective, but we can easily argue that the bicycle is also undergoing a rebirth in the US.

The documentary premieres at the Yorkshire Festival of Cycling, which is the site of the first stage of the 2014 Tour de France.  The film is expected eventually to go to DVD.

The renewed interest in the world’s best machine can be seen in competition, recreation and transportation.

The film features interviews with Sir Dave Brailsford, Gary Fisher, Chris Boardman, Ned Boulting, Sir Chris Hoy, Tracy Moseley, Mike Burrows.

Most of these subjects are better known in the UK than here in the US. Brailsford is the coach of Team Sky based in the UK; Boardman, Hoy Moseley are current or former pro cyclists in road, track or downhill; Boulting covers bike racing for a British sports network, and Burrows is designs carbon fiber bikes. Fisher we know as the American who developed the mountain bike.

The film was underwritten by Trek, Shimano, the Bicycle Association and Birmingham Cycle Revolution.

All I’ve seen is the trailer above, which shows snippets of interviews and some images from the film. Let’s hope we get to see this in the US, so we can determine whether the filmmaker does discover why the bicycle is back in fashion.

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