Instructions on mountain bike rear shock-absorbers spark recall

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Incorrectly worded instructions has prompted Fletcher, N.C.-based Cane Creek Cycling Components to recall 5,000 of its DBINLINE rear bicycle shock absorbers.

Cane Creek shocksLARGEThe shock absorbers are marked with graphics that mislabel the adjustments for “high speed rebound” damping — the plus (+) and minus (-) symbols are switched. Following the instructions could cause the bike to respond unpredictably and result in a fall.

The company and Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends that users stop riding the bicycles until they can get a decal that corrects the incorrect instructions. The company says it has receives four complaints about injuries caused by improper shock absober adjustments.

The shocks are black anodized aluminum with the word “INLINE” marked on them. They’re attached to a full-suspension mountain bike frame. Recalled products have a serial number on the underside of the top valve body in the following ranges: AA00002 – AA07304 and SA00077 – SA03926.

To get a replacement instructional decal, contact Cane Creek at  (844) 490-3663 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or online at and click on “Safety and Recall” for recall information.

The shocks were sold separately at bike shops between May and September 2014 as well as installed on the following bikes:

2015 Alutech – Tofane

2015 Banshee – Phantom and Spitfire

2015 Bianchi – Methanol 29

2015 Canyon – Spectral 140 – 27.5 and 29; and Strive CF

2015 Ghost – AMR Riot 130

2015 Guerilla – Gravity Megatrail

2015 Ibis – Ripley 29

2015 Intense – Tracer, Carbine 29 and Spyder 29 Comp

2015 Knolly – Warden

2015 Nicolai – Helius

2015 Norco – Sight Carbon 7.1

2015 Nukeproof – Mega TR

2015 Orange – Five and Five 29

2015 Specialized – Enduro 650B and 29

For more information, also go to the Cane Creek recall page at the CPSC.


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