You can find bike-friendly communities in all 50 states

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Thanks to the bike advocates and city officials in places as different as Honolulu and Fargo, there are now bicycle friendly communities in all 50 states.Cyclist rides in Stone Way section with bike lanes

The League of American Bicyclists announced its newest round of 23 communities that earned bike-friendly status last week. That makes a grand total of 325 communities across the US that achieved a level of platinum, gold, silver or bronze.

Hawaii and North Dakota were the last two states devoid of bike friendly communities. That all changed last week when the League issued bronze-level awards to Honolulu, Hawaii, and Fargo-Moorhead and Greater Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Because Fargo and Grand Forks are spread across the state border, Minnesota also claims some credit to those cities.

Fargo was named as one of the top 50 bike friendly cities by Bicycling magazine in 2010, but that didn’t cut it with the League. Applicants must score on five different categories: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement and Evaluation and Planning.

Grand Forks had applied on two previous occasions, but didn’t make the grade. This time the city scored “excellent” for education and public outreach,” according to the Grand Forks Herald. reported that a “complete streets” ordinance, the 2012 Oahu bike plan and bike education for 4th graders contributed to Honolulu’s award.

Closer to home, the Wenatchee, WA, metropolitan area received its first bronze level bicycle friendly award.

Here’s the list of new bike-friendly communties:

Nantucket, Mass. — Gold

Arroyo Grande, Calif. — Bronze

Battle Creek, Mich. — Bronze

Carson City, Nev. — Bronze

Fargo-Moorhead, ND/Minn. — Bronze

Flint, Mich. — Bronze

Frazee, Minn. — Bronze

Greater Grand Forks, ND/Minn. — Bronze

Greater Wenatchee MPO, Wash. — Bronze

Hagerstown, Md. — Bronze

Honolulu City and County, HI — Bronze

Hutchinson, Minn. — Bronze

Milton, Mass. — Bronze

Morro Bay, Cal. — Bronze

New Britain, Conn. — Bronze

New Haven, Conn.  — Bronze

Normal, Ill. — Bronze

Peachtree City, GA — Bronze

Phoenix, Ariz. — Bronze

Pleasanton, Callif. — Bronze

Riverdale City, Utah — Bronze

South Lake County, Fla. — Bronze

South San Francisco, Calif. — — Bronze

The full list of bicycle-friendly communities is available at the League website.

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