41st Biking Across Kansas announces route

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Can’t really say why, but some of my best memories of bicycling across the US come from Kansas. Maybe it’s the wide open spaces and one century-day after another. That positive vibe was reinforced when I returned with my son to ride the 2011 Biking Across Kansas.

On the road in Kansas, 2011

On the road in Kansas, 2011

So I’m always interested when 2015 B.A.K. announces the route of their annual across-state bicycle tour. Last week, organizers announced the June 6-13, 2015 route.

This year’s west-to-east route (it’s always west-to-east to take advantage of prevailing winds) rolls out from Johnson City to Louisburg. Some 900 to 1,000 cyclists will visit historic Fort Larned and Council Grove during the week, and pass through the Quivira Wildlife Refuge and the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve.

Here’s the rundown:
Friday, June 5 (early start) — Colorado Border to Johnson City: 16 (optional ride for those wanting to go border to border)

Saturday, June 6 (regular start) — Johnson City to Lakin: 49

Sunday, June 7 Lakin to Jetmore — 80

Monday, June 8 Jetmore to Larned — 46

Tuesday, June 9 Larned to Sterling — 62

Wednesday, June 10 Sterling to Goessel — 54

Thursday, June 11 Goessel to Council Grove — 74

Friday, June 12 Council Grove to Baldwin City — 80

Saturday, June 13 Baldwin City to Missouri Border — 41

Based on my limited experience, you can probably count on one day of unrelenting winds (although the west-to-east route trending northward would definitely lessen the chances) and nightly availability of soft-serve ice cream at Dairy Queen-style emporiums.

More information and registration at Biking Across Kansas 2015.

2015 B.A.K. route

2015 B.A.K. route


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