Pianist who played at Parisian massacre site arrived by bicycle

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After driving 400 miles through the night, Davide Martello hauled his grand piano behind his bicycle through the streets of Paris on Saturday to perform at the site of the Bataclan theater massacre.

Davide Martello hauling his piano

Davide Martello hauling his piano

You may have heard his impromptu rendition of Jon Lennon’s “Imagine” on newscasts over the weekend.

The German musician is known for playing his piano at emotionally charged sites around the world, such as the protests in Istanbul. This past January he played for people mourning the terrorist attack on the French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris.

Here’s what Davide said at his Facebook page:

Everything started in a irish pub in Konstanz while I was watching the soccer match between France and Germany. After I saw that insane violence I just followed my heart and went to Paris with my piano. This was one of my most touching moments in my life and I need to rest and reflect about what happened in this short time. I will responde you as soon as I can, I hope you guys understand

Here he is arriving by bike and playing ….

It was the perfect song for the moment.

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