Organized bike tours that cross paths with the 2017 solar eclipse

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Yesterday I wrote about bike trails that cross the path of the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21. [Head to the bike trails to view this summer’s solar eclipse]

Given the heavy traffic expected on rural roads that day, taking a flyer out on a bike trail may be the most hassle-free way to view the celestial event.

Several clubs and touring outfits are offering excursions into eclipse land that week. (As reported yesterday, the Total Eclipse of the Katy bike tour is already booked and there’s no waiting list).

Cycle Greater Yellowstone jersey

Cycle Greater Yellowstone rolls out from West Yellowstone for a tour of the area from Aug. 19-25. On Aug. 21, the tour stops right in the path of the eclipse in Driggs, Idaho. Check out details here. (This tour is sold out, but visit the website to be put on a waiting list.)

Nashville’s Bicycle Adventure Club is hosting six days of riding the rolling hills of Tennessee and Kentucky from Aug. 18-26, with a day off for viewing the total eclipse in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. As of May 2, there are still 6 spaces left of the maximum 20 on this ride.

The Sacramento Bike Hikers are making an excursion to McMinnville, Oregon, to view the eclipse. Check for details on the four days of cycling, that includes viewing the eclipse.

The bike touring company Bicycle Adventures is hosting the Hell’s Canyon Bike Tour. It leaves from Boise, Idaho, on Aug. 19 and will be in the eclipse zone on Aug. 21. The tour includes bikes, lodging and most meals.

For those who like to ride on their own, the total eclipse will pass over 8 bicycle routes prepared by Adventure Cycling Association: TransAmerica Trail,  Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route, Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, Lewis & Clark Trail, Bicycle Route 66, Great Rivers South, Underground Railroad, and Atlantic Coast routes.

Remember, these routes often use rural roads that you can expect to be very busy leading up to and following the eclipse on Aug. 21.


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