Wildflower Century bicyclists found relief in Paradise, CA; now Paradise needs relief

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The historic wildland fire that swept through Paradise, California, has left 42 people dead and countless others missing. Officials sifting through debris estimate that more than 6,000 structures are destroyed.

Thousands of bicyclists have enjoyed the northern California town’s hospitality over the years on the annual Wildflower Century presented by the Chico Velo Cycling Club. The spring ride has six route options, and just about everyone of them stops for a lunch at the Paradise Elementary School.

Bicyclists can show their appreciation for the town’s past support by donating cash to the relief efforts to open lodging and supply food for those displaced by the fire. Cold, hard cash is usually the best way to get relief supplies to people after a disaster.

The American Red Cross is collecting cash donations for those suddenly in need. Donors can specify their donations go to wildfire relief at the Red Cross Donation Page.

You can also make a cash donation at the California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund. The fund has been collecting for wildfire relief since 2003.

Meanwhile Chico Velo volunteers are seeking help for assistance in Butte County. Details are here.

And in case you’re under the impression that this forest fire is the result of poor forest management, as the President seems to believe, the New York Times reports that the truth is a little more complication than that.

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