When it rains in western Washington, it also floods bicycle trails

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Seemingly continuous rainfall the past few weeks in the Puget Sound area has led to closures on bicycle trails used for recreation and commuting. Even with an interruption in the rain forecast for this weekend, it will be a while before the flood waters recede and the messes are cleaned up.

Preston Snoqualmie Trail — King County photo

Saturated soils along the paved Preston-Snoqualmie Trail (east of Issaquah) caused a landslide that flowed downhill, covering the trail in mud, rocks and trees. The landslide occurred between Preston-Fall City Road and Lake Alice Road.

Cedar River Trail underpass closed in Renton – King County photo

Rising floodwaters of the Cedar River in Renton have swamped the Cedar River Trail underpass beneath 154th Place SE, just off State Route 169/Renton-Maple Valley Road. The at-grade crossing at 154th Place intersection is still open. Be prepared for other flooding along low-lying sections of trail between Renton and Maple Valley.

Flooding on Sammamish River Trail – King County photo

King County is further reporting standing water at several underpasses along the Sammamish River Trail between Redmond and Bothell. Pictured above is the underpass at Northeast 90th Street. Other Sammamish River Trail closures are reported at Redmond Way, Northeast 124th Street, and Northeast 145th Street.

A section of the Snoqualmie Valley Regional Trail south of North Bend ( in the Riverbend area) has been closed due to a landslide in the vicinity of Boxley Creek Natural Area.

And remember that even though that standing floodwater can look placid, there’s no way to know if deep potholes or other unseen dangers lurk below the surface. If you do ride through standing water, be sure to clean and re-lube the chain and consider greasing the bottom brackets and hubs if they were submerged.

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