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Biking Bis Privacy Policy

We should all be concerned about our privacy online. For those who are interested, I’m disclosing what I know about privacy issues at the Biking Bis website.

Stat counting

Biking Bis has a traffic counting service that collects data from visitors. That data includes pages where visitors land and exit, what search terms they used if they arrived via a search engine, what blog posts they visited while here, the length of their visit, and what kind of browser. The counting service also uses a cookie to track the user’s IP address (which in no way can identify the user) to determine whether it’s a first time or return visitor, and the country, state, and city of the user. This information helps improve the Biking Bis website by telling me what kind of stories in general you like to read and where in the world you come from. You can disable “cookies” in your browser if you wish.


The Biking Bis website also carries advertisements. Cookies and/or web beacons may be used to collect data in the ad serving process. I have no access to or control over information gathered by these ad servers. Currently, I work with Google and Amazon, but may add more in the future. You can check their websites for their specific privacy policies: Google Privacy Center; Amazon Privacy Notice.

Again, you can disable “cookies” in your browser if you wish.


The Biking Bis website links to information on many other websites. I have no idea regarding the privacy policies of those websites, but they should be clearly stated somewhere on the website.


If you have any questions, you can contact me at ebis50 at yahoo dot com.

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