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“Bike There” petition for Google Maps gets support

A petition that asks Google to add bicycle routes in a “Bike There” application for finding directions at Google Maps is gaining a lot of support already.

The idea was broached by an Austin bicyclist at the Google Maps “Bike There” blog less than two weeks ago, and already a petition at PetitionOnline has more than 3,800 signatures.

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Several commenters at blogs promoting the idea suggest that Google already is working on this, and plans to roll it out later in 2008 …

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Blog wants to “Bike there”

Austin-based blog wants Google Maps to include “bike there” feature.

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Bicycle fatality stats in Washington highways report

Sometimes statistics can be helpful in explaining problems and finding solutions; other times they can only confuse the issues.

The latter is the case in the annual “Measures, Markers and Mileposts” report issued by the Washington state Department of Transportation. The 100-plus page document gives in-depth performance reports for highway maintenance, pavement conditions, environmental control and pedestrian and bicycle safety.

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But I found the 2 pages devoted to pedestrian and bicycle safety to be sorely lacking. The two tables of bicycle fatality statistics were drawn from federal and state databases and were offered with little explanation …

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Vietnam vet seeks peace of mind on bicycle tour

If you're a veteran and see this guy towing a bike trailer filled with his stuff across the southern US, you might want to stop and say hi.

He's Jerry Nelson, 56, a veteran of 15 years in the Navy and a Vietnam vet. He's pedaling cross-country to find some peace of mind.

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After hiking last year from New Mexico to Washington DC, where he camped in front of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, he's now pedaling his Trek 850 hardtail and pulling a Burley trailer to Oregon. Along the way he's spending nights at American Legion posts and speaking to veterans groups….

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Jerry Nelson on bike

Vietnam vet Jerry Nelson is bicycling across country to talk to veterans groups about the Department of Veterans Affairs. More at the Columbus (GA) Ledger Enquirer.

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3-foot passing battle for bicycles shaping up in Maryland

The Maryland House of Delegates is the latest legislature to take up the road safety issue that motorists must give bicycle riders a 3-foot clearance when passing.

Three-foot passing laws are in effect in at least a dozen states. Meanwhile, BIcycle Colorado distributes these nifty window stickers to car owners who purchase “Share the Road” license plates.

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The Maryland bill is a top priority of One Less Car, which helped the Maryland Department of Transportation draft. It died in the House Environmental Matters Committee last year, so advocates are asking Maryland residents to contact their delegates, especially those on the committee …

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Colorado window sticker

Reminds motorists to allow three feet when passing bicycle riders. Available from Bicycle Colorado.

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Teen cyclist killed in bus collision wrote prophetic essay

“Please Do Not Run Me Over” is the title on an essay that Austin Miller of Beaverton, Oregon, wrote for his high school newspaper last year.

It surfaced again this week in Portland media outlets after the 15-year-old sophomore at the Art and Communication Magnet Academy was struck and killed by a bus while pedaling home from school on Feb. 11.

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The story by the young bicycling enthusiast tells about a fictional town where the inhabitants abandoned their bicycles for motor vehicles. He later goes on to write about the poor state of motorist-biker relations and the need for bike lanes …

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Austin Miller

Beaverton, Oregon, high school student wrote an essay entitled “Please don't run me over” a year before he was struck and killed by a bus.

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Moose create hazards for Iditarod bicyclists

Four-legged bane of Trans-American bicycle tourers? Dogs. Four-legged bane of Iditarod snow-bikers? Moose.

The Human-powered Iditarod got underway in 10-degree temperatures on Sunday, and racers snow-biking the route have reported problems with moose along the trail, especially one particularly aggressive female moose.

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Meanwhile, Jill Homer, whose Up in Alaska blog is one of the most popular bicycling blogs on the Internet, is posting good enough times to be on pace for a record-setting 350-mile ride into McGrath….

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