Pick your bike racer quote of the year

Podium Cafe lists a couple of dozen quotes uttered by current and former pro cyclists during the past year and asks for our favorite.

The list has a few Lance Armstrong tweets about Alberto Contador being a “pistolero” and  having “lots to learn.” Jens Voigt and Bradley Wiggins also are well represented.

My favorite, though, comes from Bernard Hinault, the 5-time winner of the Tour de France who commented on the earpiece radios now worn by cyclists to communicate with the team manager:

“I am against them. It is just a 'Game Boy' that has a gigolo attached at the end telling the racer when to take a piss.”

More quotes

When I think of it, I'll mention a bicycling-related quote in this blog when one particularly strikes me.

Of those I saved this year, my favorite came from North Carolina's Pat Rimron, a veteran of the wars in the Middle East:

“I survived six months in Afghanistan and a year in Iraq, many parachute jumps out of airplanes and other adventures and never broken a bone, and it takes a hit-and-run driver to send me to the hospital with a broken bone.”

Bike safety

Another ironic quote came from Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle, who was worried about passage of Colorado's bicycle safety bill:

“There's really nothing now that requires them (cyclists) to yield or move over. … This bill gives them full access to the road.”

And the problem with that is, what?

Guitars, bikes and girls

My favorite of all time, though, comes from Grateful Dead founding member Bob Weir:

“Bicycles are almost as good as guitars for meeting girls.”

Weir's observation must come from his interest in mountain biking and career playing guitar.


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