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Thinking outside the box to create Ohio bike trail

Those of you trapped inside your homes by the winter storm back East might enjoy watching this video about the picturesque Moonville Rail Trail that meanders for 10 miles through the scenic hills of southeastern Ohio.

Aside from the pleasant scenery and the sounds of twittering birds and mountain bike wheels crunching over gravel, there's a good lesson here.

Those earnest volunteers who are trying to create trails out of abandoned railway rights-of-way might be interested to know that the Moonville Rail-Trail Association avoided using county money to build the trail that connects the small towns of Zaleski and Mineral.

Founder Neil Shaw says the whole effort was accomplished with volunteers, donations and grant money ….

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Moonville Rail Trail

The Moonville Rail Trail meanders through picturesque southwestern Ohio for about 10 miles between the small towns of Zaleski and Mineral. See the Our Ohio video production at YouTube.

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These cycling jerseys send a message to drivers

There's a jersey up ahead.

It's being worn by a guy who is riding the greatest invention of all time — the bicycle. 

Emblazoned across the back is a message. More like a slogan.


The motorist is confused. Is it meant to humor him or taunt him? Is he having a good day or a lousy day? What happens next?

The “Share the Damn Road” jersey and some others, such as “Don't Run Me Over” and “Don't Honk At Me,” are ideas that sprang from the mind of pro cyclist Phil Gaimon ….

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Cycling jersey with a message

Pro cyclist Phil Gaimon of Jelly Belly creates jerseys at Sharethedamnroad.com.

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Bamboo bikes take root in the US, Africa and DIYers' garages

The first time I heard about someone making a bicycle out of bamboo — Craig Calfee at Calfee Designs in California — I thought it might be a joke.

But while those Calfee Design bamboo frame bikes might put smiles on their owners' faces, they're no joke. Many bicyclists prefer them because of their ride, but also because they use a sustainable frame material.

Several other bike makers have begun using bamboo for frames, and this weekend National Public Radio reported on a Brooklyn-based Bamboo Bike Studio where interested bikers can build their own bamboo bikes. Basically we're talking do-it-yourself bamboo bikes …

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Bamboo bike

Do-it-yourselfers can make their own bamboo bikes at the Bamboo Bike Studio

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Signs of the times for bicycling

Didn't Bob Dylan sing “…the signs, they are a-changin'”?

Maybe not, but I couldn't get that song out of my head when I read at Bike Portland that the feds were establishing new guidelines for signs and road markings that included changes that effect bike riders.

While some of the improvements deal with freeway signs and traffic signals, many changes involved making bike lane markings more uniform and establishing common signs for bike routes and paths.

The ones at left caught my attention at first.

The U.S. Bicycle Route signs will be used on the 50,000-mile bike route corridor network being established by Adventure Cycling Association and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation officials.

Those bike route designations are already being used for USBR 1 and 76 in Virginia. …

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New signs

Some of the new signs that relate to bicycling in the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices put out by the Federal Highway Administration.


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Gran Fondo bike rides gain popularity in US

–Updated with more gran fondo events–


Amateur cyclists and recreational bicyclists in the US and Canada will get more opportunities to participate in Italian-style gran fondo bike rides in 2010.

Nearly a dozen gran fondo bike rides are scheduled next year in California, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Ontario.

Cyclists appear to be hungry for such events.

When 3-time Tour of California winner Levi Leipheimer launched a gran fondo-style bike ride in Santa Rosa last October, 3,500 cyclists signed up.

Word must have spread among cyclists, because when online registration opened on Tuesday for the October 2010 King Ridge Gran Fondo — 10 months before the event — half the 6,000 spots were reserved the first day.

In addition to Leipheimer's event in Santa Rosa, the Tour of California is sponsoring two gran fondos along the course of two Tour stages before the race in April. Centurion Cycling  is launching its first season of gran fondo with rides in California, Colorado and Wisconsin, and Gran Fondo USA is offering rides in San Diego and Philadelphia next year …

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Bike tire cartridges recalled

More information at Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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