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The most popular 2011 stories at BikingBis; month by month

By now, just two days before the New Year, the interest in the top stories for 2011 at this blog must be reaching a fever pitch.

While many other blogs already have divulged their top stories, I've been holding back until I show my hand.

Unfortunately, my site stat database only shows month-by-month results. Since I'm too lazy to add them up, here is a monthly look at the stories blog readers found most interesting this year. [Photo above from 2011 Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic.]


“Computer snafu ties up registration for Cascade Bicycle Club.”  Unfortunately, this story was updated so many times …

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Images from some favorite bicycle rides in 2011

Often in pursuit of my goal to ride 4,000 miles during the past year, I took the time to stop and take a few snapshots.

Here are a few from this past year's memorable rides that took me from Lake Washington to Kansas to Snoqualmie Pass.

Let's start on January 1. Although we our share of precipitation in the winter and spring, the first day of the new year was bright and sunny. Here are a couple of chaps riding along Lake Washington in Renton with the Olympic Mountains in the background …

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Closing the gaps on Erie Canal will draw bicycle travelers

Just like the movie says, “If you build it, he will come.”

In the case of the Erie Canalway Trail in New York state, “he” is 500,000 bicyclists annually.

The Canalway Trails Association of New York says that about 75% of the 365-mile canal towpath between Buffalo to Albany is complete as an off-road bicycle path.

Completing the remaining 75 to 80 miles will cost about $35 million, according to a report issued this month by the association: “Closing the Gaps: A Progress Report on the Erie Canalway Trail”.

In addition to creating jobs for hundreds of workers, the completion of an off-road link from …

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Erie Canalway bike path

Cycling the Erie Canal bike map. See interactive map

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Remembering Cycle Across Maryland; crossing the Bay Bridge

Somewhere in this mass of bicyclists wearing T-shirts and “beer-cooler” helmets you can find my friend Bruce and me.

We're riding our bicycles across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge as part of Cycle Across Maryland — a wonderful event that petered out in the latter part of this decade.

As you can guess from our cycling gear, this photo was taken in the early 1990s. It was 1994, in fact, the first and maybe only time that the 4.3-mile-long eastbound span of the Bay Bridge on US Route 50 was closed to everyone but bicyclists.

The photo was taken by Bob Gilbert, a former colleague at the Annapolis Capital newspaper who loved shooting pictures from anything up high. I just stumbled across this photo ….

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Bicycle ban issue going to Colorado Supreme Court

Three bicyclists who were ticketed for riding their bicycles in Black Hawk, Colorado, are fighting those tickets all the way to the Supreme Court.

The highest court in Colorado has agreed to hear the case that dates back to the summer of 2010 when the small gambling town in Colorado started enforcing its bicycle ban.

The justices will hear arguments and rule on three issues:

“Whether municipalities may ban bicycling on local streets …

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“Bicycle Friendly” stickers say you're willing to lend a hand

Stick it on your car, your home, your roadside mailbox or the entrance to your business.

The blue “Bicycle Friendly” sticker tells passersby that you support bicyclists, and any cyclist in need is welcome to stop in.

The sticker idea originated in Columbia, Kentucky, home to the four-year Lindsey Wilson College, which distributes the stickers online.

The college cycling team's coach, David Grigsby, explains that he was speaking at a local Rotary club meeting when one member asked if there was a way to communicate to the cyclists that it was OK to stop at his house to use the restroom, get water, make a call, or get directions …

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Bicycle Friendly sticker

Sticker distributed by Lindsey Wilson College in Kentucky tells passersby that you're willing to help any bicyclists in need.

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That new bicycle path in Bellevue

A few days ago I posted a story about a short bicycle path opened in Bellevue that avoids some busy roads and intersections in the Factoria shopping district.

Here's a video the City of Bellevue posted online about the bike path.

One interesting note about this route is how the city used state and federal funds to help pay the …

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Mt. Washington bike race suits the masochist in us

If you revel in cycling challenges and you keep a bucket list, then the Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hill Climb is a perfect candidate for it.

The 7.6-mile scramble to the summit of the New Hampshire peak has an average gradient of 12% with sections of 18%. The last 50 yards, where it really counts, maxes out at 22%.

Viewing the unnatural upward tilt of some bicycles in this video makes my thighs burn, but I can understand some cyclists' desire to return here year after year. …

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