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  1. Rodney McConnell

    I have a new 7 day ride for June 2013 I would like to list on the bikingbis site. How do I need to proceed? Thanks.

  2. Barbara Fawcett

    I would like to list our charity ride in September on the bikingbis site. How do I accomplish this? Thanks.

  3. Peter Nelson

    I will be bicycling in Belgium and the Netherlands this June. If anyone knows how to obtain cycling maps or has cycled these 2 countries I would appreciate hearing from them.

  4. slim stauffer

    our event is scheduled for june 2, 2014. we would like to be on your calendar. what must we do?

  5. Lizzy

    Our bike ride is in July 2014 can we list it on this site? What are the details to get that done?

  6. Sue Pollock

    Please add our charity event to your 2014 California Bike Ride Calendar:

    West Marin Metric Century(100K) & Tour of Novato Rides(40K, 13K)

    May 3, 2014

    Ride 100K through breathtaking scenery in West Marin County on rural roads. With 2,297 elevation, there are rolling hills and a few challenging climbs. You will ride from Novato to West Marin, climb the Marshall “wall” then cruise along Tomales Bay to Pt. Reyes Station then back to Novato passing Nicasio Reservoir and Stafford Lake. 40K & 13K Tour of Novato rides and a 5K walk will be in and around the town of Novato. Registration includes SAG, fueled rest stops, T-shirt, post-ride meal & entertainment. This event is sponsored by School Fuel, the Novato Foundation for Public Schools and will benefit Novato students and classrooms. Register at:

    Contact: Sue Pollock,

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