Sponsors take care of Lance

His bicycle race winnings aside, Lance Armstrong makes more in a year from endorsements than most of us will make in a lifetime.

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Counterfeiting LiveStrong bracelets

Copies of the LiveStrong bracelets go on sale, but they don't help cancer survivors or cancer research.

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Not all Trek bicycles are “Made in the USA”

Where does Wisconsin-based Trek make most of its bicycles? Asia, of course.

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Recall for bicycle brake cables by Shimano

Bicycle component maker Shimano has issued a recall for some brake cables sold for road bicycles in North America. The recall was announced in Europe six weeks ago.

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New link in Seattle area bicycle paths

I'm greeted with a happy discovery on a warmish winter day bicycle ride.

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The Lance tourism factor

Six-time Tour de France bicycle race champion Lance Armstrong and his team draws a lot of interest in Solvang, California.

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The price of attacking a bicycle rider

A man, pushed from his bicycle during a training ride, wins an out-of-court settlement from two teens.

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RAAMing across America

NBC aired last summer's Race Across America on Jan. 22. It featured charges of cheating, a support team abandoning its rider, and the usual heroics by most participants.

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More on Missouri town's bicycle ban

A Missouri newspaper recently editorialized about the town that prosecuted a “no bicycling” case against a man suffering MS.

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2004 good year for Taiwan bicycle makers

While one US bicycle maker (Pacific Cycle) was snatched up by a Canadian conglomerate and another (Huffy) sought bankruptcy protection, Taiwan's leading bike manufacturers are coming off a record year.

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