Update: Opposition to Colorado bicycle bill

Some Colorado lawmakers don't trust cyclists' judgment, and that could puncture passage of a bill that would allow cyclists to ride side by side. Currently, bicycle riders in Colorado have to move over to single file whenever a car is within 300 feet — a requirement that is difficult to gauge.

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Back in the (bicycle) saddle again

Texan Lance Armstrong climbs back on the saddle for the Paris-Nice prologue this Sunday, the beginning of his first Euro pro cycling race since he wore the yellow jersey in Paris last summer.

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Bicycling through time with Lewis and Clark

Bicyclists riding the Lewis & Clark trail can keep track of what was happening to the expedition 200 years earlier in its journals. Now a blog adds a wider perspective to the expedition.

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Lance Armstrong's bicycle, for the rest of us

I was mildly surprised when I first learned that the Trek model that Lance Armstrong rides in the Tour de France is available to mere mortals, like me.

Now Trek has gone one better. It's making available 600 exact replicas of the Madone 5.9 that Lance rode into Paris in 2004. The so-called LiveStrong bicycles …

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Bicycle tours in Oregon, Idaho and wide open Wyoming

John Aeby's column in the Eugene (Ore.) Register Guard nails the reason behind taking weeklong bicycle rides… “disconnecting yourself from your workaday life.” (updated March 3)

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Bicycle laws wheeled out in state capitols

Bicycle through a red light or wait for it to turn green? Ride single-file or two abreast? Enjoy a 3-foot clearance from passing traffic? Pay a recycling fee for a new bicycle? These are just some of the issues that are being argued this winter by state legislatures in several Western states.

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Cyclists on your left… right… in between

I don't want to sound like an anal retentive bicycle killjoy, but this picture scares the heck out of me.

The photo, taken by Karen Ducey, appeared in Monday's Seattle Post-Intelligencer story about the annual Chilly Hilly ride. Because of unseasonably decent weather, some 5,000 bicyclists showed up to pedal the 33-mile ride on Bainbridge …

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Bicycle Quote: Scott Adams

“In my perfect world, all would be connected with underground bicycle paths. If they are flat and out of the weather, people of all ages can use them.”

Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert newspaper cartoon

San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 27, 2005

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This isn't your father's Schwinn bicycle

When is a Schwinn not a bicycle? When it's a four-stroke gas-powered motor scooter.

Dorel Industries, which acquired the Schwinn …

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RAAM bicycle race: faster and faster

Contestants cycling in the Race Across America are turning in faster and faster times. Now the RAAM organizers are launching an event that starts with the other bicyclists, but finishes in 24 hours.

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