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Indiana town says “No” to bicycle tourism

A city commission in Greenwood, Indiana, is turning away a proposed U.S. Bicycle Route that would take traveling bicyclists through the middle of its historic downtown.

It seemed surprising to me that a town would turn away tourism dollars, especially from those with such a low impact as touring bicyclists on the U.S. Bicycle Route System, a proposed 50,000-mile network of bicycle byways that will span the nation.

I asked Ginny Sullivan, the Adventure Cycling Association’s coordinator for the bike route network, whether this is common …

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Dangerous roads prompt bike route changes in North Dakota

Heavy road traffic in North Dakota’s “drill baby drill” region is forcing Adventure Cycling Association to relocate two established bicycle routes and issue new replacementent maps.

The Northern Tier and Lewis & Clark bicycle routes were redrawn to avoid the heavy traffic related to the oil and gas industry surge in northwestern North Dakota and moved southward generally to the Interstate 94 corridor.

Cartographer Jennifer ‘Jenn’ Milyko announced the changes at the Adventure Cycling blog last month. The national wire services picked up the story Tuesday under the headline “Bicycle group warns riders to steer clear of North Dakota’s oil patch due to dangerous traffic.”

The non-profit has been dealing with the issue for at least four years. ….

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Cyclist on bike tour missing in Death Valley

Authorities are searching for a 67-year-old San Francisco man who mysteriously disappeared from a bicycle tour campsite in Death Valley last week.

The man, George Kohler, was a member of an Adventure Cycling Association group of cyclists participating in Death Valley Loop I.

They were camped on March 12 at the Mesquite Spring campground in the north part of the national park. While others remained at a campfire, Kohler announced he was tired and heading back to the tent.

When he didn’t show up the next morning …

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