Lawson, Missouri; The worst town for bicyclists?

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Everyone has a favorite story about a least favorite place to bicycle.

I challenge anyone to name a town more unfriendly to bicyclists than Lawson, Missouri. The Missouri Bicycle Federation has been following the case.

Lawson has a “No Bicycle Zone” in a two-block area of downtown.

Last summer, police ticketed a bicyclist after he pushed his bicycle into the “No Bicycle Zone” and parked it in front of his favorite restaurant. The bicyclist, Ed Chasteen, suffers from multiple sclerosis.

When the town's prosecutor said he couldn't try the case because it was “unprosecutable,” the town hired a lawyer who would try it.

Just this week, a judge found Chasteen guilty and fined him $75.

Is it the No Bicycle Zone, or the Twilight Zone?

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