Bicycles: Tallest, longest…

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An automobile designer in India claims he has built the world's largest tricycle. At 42 feet in height, it beats the current world leader in the Guinness Book of World records by about 20 feet.

That's nice, but where can you ride a 42-foot-high tricycle?

The tallest bicycle that can actually be riden is 17 feet high, according to Guinness. Randall Jones rode it — with no training wheels — for 300 feet in Centerville, Georgia, last year.

Another pointless but bizarre record in Guinness: The longest two-wheeled bicycle carries 40 pedalers. Delft University students built and rode the 92-foot-long bicycle for more than 300 feet on a straight road in 2002. I think they picked a straight road because the bike doesn't appear steerable.


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