Colorado “bicycle bill” passes, despite opposition

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It looks like cyclists in Colorado will be able to ride side-by-side afterall.

Legislation (HB 1218) that allows bicycle riders “to ride two abreast whenever the normal and reasonable movement of traffic will not be impeded” has passed the House and the Senate. (It needs to go back to the House because of slight changes made in the wording in the Senate.) Several senators opposed the bill, but couldn't convince many others to join them.

The law now in effect in Colorado requires bicyclists to ride single file whenever a motor vehicle is within 300 feet. Apparently the state was the only one with the 300-foot rule; 43 other states allow side-by-side cycling when its safe, Bicycle Colorado chief Dan Grundig told the Durango Herald.

Colorado is just one of several states to update its bicycle laws this year. California, Idaho, Missouri and Utah also have had bills in the hopper. Also, the US Senate is considering a massive public works bill that would pay out $242 million to bicycle and pedestrian projects this year. Check the progress at the Biking Bis Legislative Wrap-up web page.


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