Lance Armstrong's NYC training ride

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Six-time Tour de France bicycle champions who make $15 million a year from endorsements must watch what they say.

For instance, when Lance Armstrong told the French press a couple of weeks ago that Paris deserved to host the 2012 Summer Games, officials in New York City — also in contention — got him to backpedal. He said he was quoted out of context.

To fulfill his atonement for the faux pas, Armstrong is scheduled to take a ride through New York's Central Park on Thursday, reports the New York Post.  He'll ride with Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff and children enrolled in a bicycle racing program, Star Track.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post's thoughtful columnist Tony Kornheiser considers why most people jump to Armstrong's defense when he's accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. (The latest doping allegations against Armstrong are included in court documents filed by an assistant who had been fired.)

Basically, he writes, it's because he beat cancer and we all support him for that. Also, he just plain doesn't look like a muscled-up steroid abuser.


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