Yakima begins recall of trunk-mounted bike racks

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Yakima Products is recalling its trunk-mounted Mighty Joe 2 and Mighty Joe 3 bicycle racks.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration announced the recall, which could affect more than 16,000 units.

The trunk-mounted bicycle racks attach to the rear of automobiles using straps. The load arms snap into place and are designed to carry either two (Mighty Joe 2, above) or three (Mighty Joe 3, below) bikes. 

The NHTSA reports that the load arms may appear to be latched in place when they are not. This can cause them to collapse, resulting in injury or a vehicle crash.

Yakima will replace the carriers free of charge, according to information filed on NHTSA. Owners should contact Yakima at 971-249-7500; Yakima also will notify dealers.

Yakima has been making equipment for transporting outdoor recreational gear since 1979. The bike rack company emerged from the sale in May 2005 of its parent company's water sports division to Confluence Holdings. The parent company, named WaterMark, sold its canoe and kayak division to Confluence. It changed its name to Yakima Products, Inc., focused on the bike rack business, and moved its headquarters to Beaverton, Oregon. The company recently was one of the sponsors of the Lance Armstrong LiveStrong ride in Beaverton.

Yakima Products also makes cargo boxes and vehicle racks for boats, ski equipment and gear.

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    • Sasan Kameh on May 22, 2020 at 10:03 am
    • Reply

    I have yakima mighty joe 3 bike rack .
    Recall? So how to return it ?

    1. So that recall dates to 2005, 15 years ago. I checked the Yakima website and the Mighty Joe 3 bike rack recall is no longer listed. In fact, the Mighty Joe is no longer listed for sale. If you bought the bike rack new after the recall, I would assume the problem had been fixed. Otherwise, you can call Yakima customer service at 1-888-925-4621. Good luck!

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