Ohio specialty bike maker closes

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Another sad passing. Cycles Gaansari in Springboro, Ohio, is closing its doors. The bicycle company styled itself after Orville and Wilbur Wright's original business in nearby Dayton before the brothers got into that aviation thing. 

Writing in his Bike Evangelist blog, proprieter Gary Boulanger talks about his disappointment in accepting the inevitable, but his pride in the Gaansari and Fisso brand bicycles they turned out:

“We hold our heads high at Cycles Gaansari. We've done what we know best: provide expert service, offer finely detailed bicycles and goods, and keep our promises. The challenge was convincing people to buy our products without pandering to people's false desires for a product that can make them faster or improve their lives. Of course bicycling can improve one's health, but the rest of the equation is up to the individual, not some man-made product.

We've been humbled by the volume of cyclists who've vaulted a Gaansari to their wish list, but we've been frustrated by the lack of orders.”

Boulanger goes on to tell about his background in the bicycling and the industry and how his plans for the future include working with Wheels of Mercy in Rwanda and Servant Leaders Outreach through his marking/public relations consultancy.

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