South Dyke Bike Trail in British Columbia

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For bicycling, this 3.6-mile gravel trail might not give a cyclist much of an aerobic workout.

But the description of the surroundings and trailside attractions remind us that cycling isn't always about nudging the lactic threshold.

The South Dyke Trail is 30 minutes south of Vancouver, B.C., in Richmond. The area is surrounded by dikes, several topped with gravel hike and bike paths; the West Dyke Trail runs for 15 miles.

The shorelines are home to old canneries and derelict fishing boats. The Gulf of Georgia Cannery Museum and the Britannia Heritage Shipyard are two national historic sites located along the bike trail.

See the Seattle P-I for a travel article “Paths are suitable for all levels of fitness.” Also, the city of Richmond has online maps of area bicycle trails.

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