The bicycle seat built for a 500-pound rider

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A new mail order catalog for overly large people features, among other things, a bicycle saddle with a 500-pound capacity.

The East Valley Tribune (Phoenix) mentions the saddle in a story about branding a catalog for Casual Male XL, the nation's biggest chain of clothing and accessories for men's-plus sizes.

Apparently the company has jettisoned the names “big and tall” and “supersize” because of the negative connotations those names imply. In addition to extra large clothing, the stores and catalogs offer heavy-duty lawn chairs, extra wide toilet seats and more.

The Tribune interviewed public health advocate Jeff Levi of Trust for American's Health. He says its OK to assist people cope with the results of being obese, as long as they don't lose track of the public health message of being more active and eating a healthier diet.

Perhaps the “super sized bicycle seat” is an attempt to urge obese folks to get exercise by bicycle.

The seat has more than 6-times the surface area of a typical bike saddle, according to the ad, and features an air pump that fits under the seat for pressure adjustment. It fits standard seat posts on bicycles and stationary exercise bikes.

If you're interested, visit the LivingXL website and search “bicycle”.

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    • Daniel Lee McLalin on September 10, 2020 at 5:52 pm
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    I could not access bicycle seat at website

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