Norwegian cyclist, 72, seeks advice about prostate surgery recovery

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Every so often someone will send me an e-mail to learn more about my recovery from prostate surgery.

This weekend, it is 72-year-old Peter Kierulf of Norway. He wrote that he’s going in for prostate surgery on Monday. He’d like to hear from other men who have undergone the minimally invasive robotic procedure, and he wants to know how long before they started bicycling again.

I can certainly relate to his anxiety. I remember going for a bike ride the day before my surgery last fall and wondering if I’d ever get on a bicycle again. It was five weeks before I got back on the bicycle, a relatively short time considering all that had gone on.

That fact that doctors have judged it safe to perform surgery on Peter is a testament to his health and fitness — probably from his years on the bike. It also demonstrates the advantage of minimally invasive robotic prostate surgery over the traditional method that requires opening the abdomen.

Here’s his email:

Hi,  wonder if you could place this message at an appropriate place

On Monday oct 27th I will have my prostata removed by robot technology
I should like to get in contact with other guys that have experienced this
and that are fond  of all year round bicycling.
How long will I have to refrain from cycling?  Are there particular
saddels that should be used? etc.

Thanks for taking care of this message,

Peter Kierulf  (72 years)
Oslo Norway

Peter’s email address is . Feel free to email him or leave a comment here. I’ll suggest he check here periodically.

I’m going to tell Peter that I waited five weeks to get back on the bicycle. My first rides were short and slow. I steadily added distance, but refrained from hard bicycling workouts for several months. I use a saddle with a cutout down the center.

Now I’m fully recovered and have even added mountain biking to my repertoire.

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