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A new study confuses the record on prostate cancer and bicycling

There’s no argument that bicycling is good exercise for men. It reduces the risk of Type II diabetes, coronary disease and stroke. It reduces stress and releases endorphins that create an overall feeling of well-being.

Now, a UK survey of 5,000 male cyclists reports an increase in the rate of prostate cancer for those who …

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Norwegian cyclist, 72, seeks advice about prostate surgery recovery

Every so often someone will send me an e-mail to learn more about my recovery from prostate surgery.

This weekend, it is 72-year-old Peter Kierulf of Norway. He wrote that he's going in for prostate surgery on Monday. He'd like to hear from other men who have undergone the minimally invasive robotic procedure, and he wants to know how long before they started bicycling again.

That fact that doctors have judged it safe to perform surgery on Peter is a testament to his health and fitness — probably from his years on the bike. But I can relate to his anxiety….

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How I returned to bicycling after prostate surgery

A notation on a desk calendar I saw this morning reminded me that one year ago I took a short ride on a gurney into an operating room to have my cancerous prostate removed.

Looking back, it also was a relatively short road back to bicycling, although at the time I worried whether I would ever be able to sit on a bike saddle again. As it turned out, I was able to ride the 2-day, 200 Seattle to Portland bike ride with my son less than 10 months later (here we are with our patches).

In the past year, I occasionally receive e-mails from men who are about to undergo prostate surgery or who have recently undergone the operation. Because they read this blog, they're interested in how the surgery will affect their bicycling. Here's how it affected my riding. …

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Bicycling down the road with prostate cancer

Regular readers of this blog will remember that I recently had been off my bicycle for a few weeks for blood tests and biopsies related to my prostate.

Since then I've received quite a few supportive messages, which I certainly appreciate, and I have returned to regularly riding my bike.

Unfortunately, I also received news from my urologist earlier this week that my prostate biopsy was positive. There's a tumor on the right side and my urologist is recommending complete removal of the prostate….

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Doctor’s orders: No bicycling for at least five days

As you can imagine, I was a bit surprised when my doctor told me to stay off the bicycle for five days.

Bicycling keeps my resting heart rate below 60, it has beat my family's history of high blood pressure, and it makes me happy and sane.

The problem was that my prostate specific antigen (PSA) tests have been running a little “hot” lately. They've been creeping up, and my general practitioner recommended I see a urologist to follow up. When that specialist learned that I ride 75 to 100 miles a week, he ordered me off the bike for at least 5 days until I get another blood test for PSA…..

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