Quote: Bike traveler comes home

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“A lot of people ask me why I went east to west because the winds are predominantly west to east, and part of the reason was I that I like the idea of heading home. It's just kind of a goal that you aspire to get to, so that means a lot to me from a psychological standpoint, especially at times when you're feeling a little low.”

— Cross-county bicycle traveler Mike Dillon, quoted at MercuryNews.com, June 14, 2010.

You might remember that I wrote a short piece in March about Dillon, the former general counsel for Sun Microsystems. After he finished tying up the Sun acquisition by Oracle back in January, he did something that he had wanted to do since college — ride a bicycle cross-country.

He made the trip solo across the Southern Tier states from Florida to California, then up the Pacific Coast to his home in Los Gatos. He said that he wasn't lonely, but he did miss his family.

Dillon has a good blog about his trip — Mike's Blog. He kept the usual statistics of his trip, but also tells about the people he met and his impressions as he rolled across the U.S. He tells us not to be afraid about taking a bicycle tour or heading out on any big adventure. That's good advice.

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