New website for Heinz Stucke

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World's ultimate bike traveler has a new website —

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    • Finn Mac Eoin on January 1, 2023 at 11:37 pm
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    Hello Heinz.
    I just watched the Netflix account of your travels and what a story it is, well done
    you are an inspiration to the world. In my 20s I cycled from Ireland to Athens via UK France Italy and ferry to Greece. That was it, so, in some ways I have an understanding and appreciation for what your epic journey entailed. I am 72 now and I have just sold my house and bought a camper van. That wish to be mobile has
    always been in me. Right now I am in Silves Algarve Portugal, no doubt you don’t need to be told where it is. I write poetry, I have about 5,000 composed. But your
    collection of photos and memorabilia is enormous and all so well documented. Most people would not have the ability to archive as you do and fortunately for all of us that it was you who did this. German people are best at archiving, such as the great botanists you have produced. I lived in New Zealand for 10 years, your map
    seems to have missed it. Did you go there? Just so you know, I am Irish. If you get a chance to write to me I have a good story to tell you and will send photos.

    Thank you for your 51 years. I will get a copy of you book. I wrote one in 2009.

    The Title is. ” Two Suitcases And A Dog ” by Finn Mac Eoin.

    ” May the road rise to meet you and may
    the wind be always at your back ”

    An Irish Blessing.

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