30 days of biking: May Valley Road

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Day 2 of “30 Days of Biking” sent me out May Valley Road to Squak State Park and back.

This is my default 20-mile bike route here in Washington. It hugs the south-facing base of Cougar and Squak mountains so if there’s any sun, it gets some warmth.

More than that, it’s a two-lane road with a rural character that always reminds me of parts of the TransAmerica Trail through Virginia and Kentucky — without the chasing dogs.

The road meanders along between the base of the hills and a flood plain. There are several riding stables and a couple of farms with what I’d call living lawn ornaments — Highland cattle, llamas and alpacas.

But the country odor is unmistakeable, and it mixed with the sounds of roosters crowing and frogs peeping in the floodplains.

Although the shoulder is narrow or non-existent, I challenge any cyclist to visit this road and choose not ride it.

30 days of biking

Total days — 2/2

Total miles — 29

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