30 days of biking: Lucky Friday the 13th

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Everyone says that Friday the 13th is bad luck, but after tonight I’m going to revise that old superstition.

I couldn’t get out on my Day 13 bike ride until after dinner, and I chose to buzz over to the Blockbuster in Renton to drop off a movie.

It was getting dark on the way home, but I realized I didn’t have a photo for today’s ride. I made a lucky snap judgment to turn right from Coal Creek Parkway onto Newcastle Golf Course Road to get a photo of the sunset from the hillside.

I coasted into the turn, just as a passing car made a hard right in front of me. The car tires groaned against the pavement as the driver turned; he must have sped up to pass me before turning right.

I’m convinced that the driver would have right-hooked me if I had kept going straight, and it would have been a very unlucky Friday the 13th for me.

Instead, I pedaled to the hill overlooking the commercial sprawl of Newcastle and snapped this photo. I should have waited a few minutes until the colors became more vibrant, but I was a little shook up so I took this photo, stopped at the store and got home before dark.

30 Days of Biking

Total days — 13/13

Total miles — 161 miles


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