Seeing the world on loaded bicycle and $8 a day

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Jilly Sherlock

Finding herself suddenly unemployed in England, Jilly Sherlock loaded her panniers with 50 pounds of gear and hit the road on her bicycle.

That was a year ago. So far she’s traveled more than 8,000 miles in an easterly direction through 23 countries.

She celebrated her 1-year anniversary on the road in Thailand this week.

Sherlock may be traveling solo, but she is by no means alone. She keeps in touch on her Facebook and Twitter accounts, and friends can follow her daily progress on Social Hiking with her SPOT tracker.

Through her blog, Sherlock Tales, she shares some of her most interesting experiences in the deserts, mountains and valleys of the world.

And she’s always finding friends and supporters along her route. She told the East Anglican Daily Times that it’s the highlight of the trip:

“Overall it must be the people I have met and the kindness I have received.

“The family that took me in during a storm in the mountains of Georgia, the yak farmers in Tajikstan who gave up their beds and fed me yak liver and freshly baked naan and ate for themselves my leftovers, the wonderful Iranians whose hospitality was overwhelming.”

People in what some might consider one of the most dangerous countries — Iran — turned out to be as friendly as the others. Sherlock writes in “Iran: 28 days in the axis of ? .. You decide..” that she was passed from family to family and friend to friend. It sounds like she never had to buy food or pay for a place to spend the night.

After visiting China, Sherlock tells the newspaper that her goal is now to circumnavigate the globe. “I may not have the money, but if there’s a will there’s a way.”

We wish her a lot of luck in her continuing travels.

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