30 days of biking: Off the beaten path of Cedar River Trail

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Today’s bike ride was to be an out-and-back errand to the video store to exchange movies.

The continued summer-like weather — 70s and clear — distracted me to such an extent, however, that I took a wrong turn on the way home and ended up exploring down by the Cedar River.

Considering this scene, I probably should have picked up the old John Ford film “Iron Horse,” instead of “Iron Lady.” Or “Seabiscuit” or “Secretariat.”

This reminds me of a day riding through the blue grass country of Kentucky on my old cross-country bike ride. But this is SE Jones Road, which runs more or less parallel to the Cedar River Trail on the other side of the river.

The road connects between 154th Place SE and Maple Valley Road. There’s no traffic except for the few people who live here.

It’s a good alternative for the Cedar River Trail, which can be too noisy from highway traffic, or just too plain flat. Jones Road has a few little climbs to keep thing interesting.

As Jones Road took me out to Maple Valley Highway, I returned via that and the Cedar River Trail to Renton, then headed toward home of Lake Washington Boulevard.

Just north of Renton near the Seahawks training facility, I spied this bald eagle perched above a nest out on Lake Washington. I still marvel at seeing these great birds.

30 Days of Biking

Total days — 23/23

Total miles — 370

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