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New Eastside Rail Corridor is ready for bicycles

If you’re looking to explore “new” bicycling routes on Seattle’s Eastside this weekend, you can visit the two, long-awaited, completed sections of the Eastside Rail Corridor.

For all intents and purposes, a 4-mile section between Newcastle Beach Park in Bellevue and Coulon Park in Renton is open, as is a 1-mile segment connected to the …

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Eastside Rail Corridor Trail suddenly taking shape in Renton, Newcastle and Bellevue

Work crews are plowing ahead this fall to turn a 4.5-mile segment of the old BNSF railroad tracks between Renton and Bellevue into a bicycle-friendly trail by the first of the year.

Most of the rails already have been pulled from the Eastside Rail Corridor Trail between Coulon Park in Renton and Newcastle Beach Park …

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Different strokes to usher in New Year

There are lots of way to celebrate New Year’s. If at all possible, I take a ride on my bicycle to welcome the new year.

Earlier today, my new year’s ride down to Coulon Park in Renton happened to coincide with the annual Polar Bear Plunge at the park.

I heard shouting as I …

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“Opening Day” for trails is this coming Saturday

Today marked my best bike ride of the year as I headed out the 17-mile Cedar River Trail between Renton and Landsburg. Blue skies, almost no breeze, temperature in the 60s, blossoms on the trees and the river running cold and fast.

It reminded me that Rails-to-Trails Conservancy celebrates its annual Opening Day for Trails …

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Bicycle projects in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, Renton get federal funds

Several bicycle and pedestrian projects can go ahead now that the Puget Sound Regional Council on Thursday selected the projects for federal funding.

Among the biggest ticket construction items are the Prairie Line Trail ($1.9 million) in Tacoma, Overlake Village Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge ($5 million) in Redmond, the Northrup Way Connection to the State …

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30 days of biking: Coalfield and ‘Gobbler’s Knob’

Some plumbing issues at the house sent me out on my bicycle to a hardware store in search of washers on Saturday. It was no longer a “plumbing emergency,” however, giving me a chance to explore a little bit on the way home.

I started by heading east on Highway 900, part of the old Sunset Highway, between Renton and Issaquah.

This is part of the first automobile highway over Snoqualmie Pass that was dedicated in 1915. It ran through North Bend and Issaquah and around Lake Washington to Seattle.

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30 days of biking: Off the beaten path of Cedar River Trail

Today’s bike ride was to be an out-and-back errand to the video store to exchange movies.

The continued summer-like weather — 70s and clear — distracted me to such an extent, however, that I took a wrong turn on the way home and ended up exploring down by the Cedar River.

Considering this scene, I probably should have picked up “Iron Horse,” instead of “Iron Lady.” Or “Seabiscuit” or “Secretariat.” This reminds me of a day riding through the blue grass country of Kentucky …

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30 days of biking: Will Rogers and Wiley Post flew here

Boaters and rafters must consider these snags where the Cedar River flows into Lake Washington the same way that bicyclists view tacks or broken bottles in the road. Maybe worse.

While a chard of glass can puncture a tire, a limb from one of these trees can poke a hole in a fiberglass boat or rubber raft and sink it.

These trees have likely taken a long trip to get here. The Cedar River picks up plenty of fallen trees as it meanders through its flood zone to the river channel that cuts through Renton. The occasional flood pushes the snags downstream and eventually out into Lake Washington. …

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30 days of biking: That hill next to Peterson’s Bicycle Shop

Although many novice bicyclists avoid hills on their bike routes, sooner or later they’ll decide to put those gears to work and challenge themselves on a steep climb.

Suffering through the experience, many will go back to avoiding hills. But some who enjoy the suffering or the relief that comes when the ordeal is finally over, will be drawn to steep climbs.

One of the steepest in my neck of the woods is SE 76th Street between Lake Washington Boulevard and 116th Avenue SE. …

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