“Opening Day” for trails is this coming Saturday

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Today marked my best bike ride of the year as I headed out the 17-mile Cedar River Trail between Renton and Landsburg. Blue skies, almost no breeze, temperature in the 60s, blossoms on the trees and the river running cold and fast.

Trestle crossing on Cedar River Trail near Maple Valley

Trestle crossing on Cedar River Trail near Maple Valley

It reminded me that Rails-to-Trails Conservancy celebrates its annual Opening Day for Trails this Saturday, the last Saturday or March.

The nonprofit is asking people to head to the trails that day and spread the word about the fun they had by using Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, or other social media platforms.

Of course, the trails are open 365 days of the year. RTC just wants to remind people that spring is here and to encourage them to hit the trails for hiking, horseback riding or bicycling.

If you’re not sure what trails are in your area, check out the link to TrailLink.

The TrailLink website is an interactive database of hundreds of rail-trails in communities across the US. You can search by zip code, state, city or trail name. Although a subscription is offered with GPS mapping coordinates, there’s also a free service that shows a map of the trail, trail heads and reviews from others.

For me, the Cedar River Trail is a favorite stretch for me and my Rockhopper, which I’ve outfitted with 1-1/4-inch tires to better handle the 5 or 6 miles of packed gravel at the far end of the rail-trail from Renton. The trail begins at the historic downtown of Renton and continues upstream to the rapids at Landsburg.


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