3 top questions for high-wheel bicycle riders

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This is what the first bicycle races must have looked like — folks riding penny-farthings down the Main Street of town.

Penny farthing enthusiasts gathered in Frederick, Maryland, this past weekend for the Frederick Clustered Spires High Wheel Race.

Among them was 3-time Tour de France champion Greg Lemond, who was attending another charity bike event but took a teetering spin on one of the vintage bikes.

According to a Washington Post reporter at the scene, the three most frequently asked questions asked of penny farthing cyclists are:

“How do you get on? How do you stop? How do you get off?”

The single answer from Keith Carter, 59, of Hagerstown: “You have to plan ahead and you have to slow down.”

The event was organized by Eric Rhodes, 37, a member of a national organization supporting bicycle heritage called the Wheelmen.

This was more than a get-together for the 25 bicyclists who came from as far as Arizona. It was a race. The person to finish the most 0.4-mile laps around downtown in an hour would be the winner.

Rick Stumpf of Missouri won with 42 laps and Carol Kennedy won a women’s race with 37 laps. Then, somehow, they slowed down and dismounted their high-wheelers.

One cyclist fell off her high-wheel and was transported to the Maryland Shock Trauma unit where she was reported in serious but stable condition.

Here’s longer video:

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