Judge rejects Armstrong’s attempt to block USADA

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A Texas federal court judge on Monday threw out Lance Armstrong’s legal assertions that the US Anti-Doping Agency didn’t have jurisdiction to charge him with using banned substances during his cycling career.

Armstrong has until Thursday to either appeal the judge’s decision, accept the charges or seek arbitration.

The USADA has charged Armstrong with using blood-boosting and performance-enhancing drugs while a member of the US Postal Service pro cycling team.

His lawyers went to federal court to curb the case, alleging the USADA didn’t have authority in the case and the process was rigged against him.

Bloomberg reports that US District Judge Sam Sparks found “troubling aspects” in the appearance of conflict of interest in USADA’s actions, but ruled the court cannot interfere on the basis of “speculative injury.”

If the case goes against Armstrong, he could lose all 7 Tour de France championships, as well as be banned from any Olympic sports.

The USADA reportedly has former Armstrong teammates lined up to testify if the case goes to arbitration.

Armstrong has steadfastly rejected allegations of doping during his career, maintaining that he never failed a drug test.

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