Bicycle trail news: Grand Ridge Park near Issaquah

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There’s some good news for mountain bikers seeking better access to the more than 9 miles of trails in Grand Ridge Park near Issaquah.

Canyon Creek crossing on Grand Ridge Trail

King County Parks is getting public comment about a new parking lot to served the 1,800 acres of wildland in the Grand Ridge Park and adjoining Mitchell Hill Forest.

Presently, parking is available at either end of the Issaquah Preston Trail — at High Point Way to the east and Sunset Way in Issaquah to the west.

The county is considering a new trail access point with parking for 5 to 7 motor vehicles and two horse trailers. In addition, a small picnic shelter, restroom facilities and interpretive signs are in the plans.

Public meeting

The park department staff has scheduled a public meeting for Sept. 27 from 7-8:30 p.m. at the Preston Community Center, 8625 310th Ave. SE, Preston. The meeting will also include a public question and comment period. Comments will be accepted through Oct. 12. For information on the trailhead planning process, please contact Connie Blumen at 206-263-6371, or

More information about Grand Ridge access plans.

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