Raise money for Cascade by riding your bike: CLIF-Bar Challenge

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Here’s something I wish I had acted on earlier.

The Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation is the beneficiary of the CLIF Bar 2-mile Challenge in September. That means the foundation’s operations can receive up to $10,000 from CLIF Bar by the end of the month.

The exact amount depends on how many bicycle trips are logged at the CLIF Bar 2-mile Challenge website. For every trip, Cascade’s education foundation receives $1.

Unfortunately, the tally doesn’t start until you sign up at the 2-mile Challenge website and start logging your rides. As far as I can tell, you can’t input your rides from earlier in September.

Reduce carbon footprint

This is basically a win-win. Reduce carbon emissions by riding your bike and earn money for Cascade. The only downside is you have to give up your mailing address to register, and you have to remember to log your bike trips daily.

The Cascade Bicycle Club Education Foundation does good work in the Seattle area. It teaches kids safe riding skills, supports bike-commuting adults, and encourages businesses and local governments to be bicycle-friendly. The distribution of low-cost helmets at such events as Bicycle Sundays is just one of its programs (see photo above).

The CLIF Bar 2-mile Challenge has been around for about 5 years. It encourages people to use their bicycles for errands within a 2-mile radius of their homes. The challenge aspect raises money for bike clubs and activities; it’s open to anyone who registers anywhere.

This is something that most of us do already. In fact, most of us use our bicycles for trips longer than 2 miles. This month, for instance, the average trip is 10 miles.

With the month half over, the total number of trips logged for September is about 4,000 (as of Saturday). That means 6,000 bike trips must be logged for Cascade to get its full $10,000.

So if you already signed into the CLIF Bar 2-mile Challenge previously, you can earn money for Cascade by starting to log your trips again. If you never registered, you can do it now and help Cascade meet its goal.

Here’s some information at the Cascade blog.

One last time: Link for CLIF-Bar 2-mile Challenge website.

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