Trail news: Middle Fork Snoqualmie gets funding

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The Mountains to Sound Greenway was happy to announce last week that it received a $150,000 grant from Waste Management to make improvements in the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Valley.

A Middle Fork Trail bridge

One of the big draws to that area in the rugged mountains north of the Interstate 90 corridor is the Middle Fork Trail, which is used by mountain bikers, hikers and equestrians.

The Middle Fork Trail starts about 12 miles east of North Bend on the western slopes of the Cascades. I happened to visit the trail on Thursday and was amazed that such a wild area could exist about an hour’s drive from Seattle.

Cynthia Welti, executive director for the Greenway Trust, said in a press release:

“We are so excited that Waste Management approached us right at the time when we were seeking funding for work in the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Valley. Their support will make a tremendous difference in improving public access to this beautiful place in the Greenway.”

There’s no information specifically about what the money will go toward, and it’s possible not a penny will go directly to the trail. However, given the rough conditions out there, any improvements to access would be a good thing.

Be sure to check the calendar before running out the riding the trail. The US Forest Service brokered an agreement between mountain bikers and equestrians that mountain bikes get odd-numbered days and equestrians get even-numbered days. Also you need a NW Forest Pass for your car.

More at “Support from Waste Management will fund valuable projects in Middle Fork Snoqualmie.”

Here’s what the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance has to say about the Middle Fork trail; and the Washington Trail Association.

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