Cycling centenarian sets records in France

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This guy is awesome. His feats are amazing. But if I start training tomorrow, I think I can challenge his records when I qualify in the year 2050.

French cyclist Robert Marchand, age 100, last week rode his bicycle on a track for 100 kilometers in 4 hours, 17 minutes and 27 seconds. That works out to about 14.3 mph, which is decent.

Because there’s no 100K record on the books for his age group, the Union Cycliste Internationale said it will recognize Marchand’s feat. The over-100 category was created in February when Marchand set the one-hour record of 24.2 kilometers.

His 300 laps around the track in Lyons was broadcast live on French TV.

Marchand said he’s been cycling steadily since 1978, and he rode a bike for a few years as a teenager. He’s 5 feet tall and weighs 112 pounds; he says he never smoked or drank except for festive occasions.

He’s a member of the Ardéchoise bicycle club, whose colors he wore.

In the video, it looks like bananas are still the best fuel, even at 100.

More at VeloNews and SeattleTimes.

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